Rides and maps

The centre of the park (click to enlarge map)

Mid-week training rides are timed so members can have a life/make it to work. Weekend rides start a little later and finish with a post-ride coffee/breakfast and gossip in Centennial Park.

Plenty of Sydney Cycling Club riders join club rides only occasionally and prefer to ride solo… but be warned upfront, competitive members who spend time on ‘secret training’ to build up a blazingly unexpected burst of form are nearly always sprung by our ever-vigilant spies, who criss-cross the city weekly in a thorough grid pattern.

All SCC rides start from ‘The Centre of the Park’, the area near the coffee cart, tables and chairs (see map) in Centennial Park.

The weekly training rhythm currently goes like this:

Tuesday 6am – La Perouse via Anzac Parade and Malabar, 30km

2 bunches, steady & fast. Steady paced bunch average speed approx 28 – 30km/h. Fast bunch av 35km/h with a pace line forming on the way back at 40-50km/h. Map

Wednesday 6am – Watson’s Bay, 30km.

3 Bunches, steady & fast. One of the more popular rides. The bunches re-group after all the climbs. Back at approximately 7.00am at Bondi Junction or Paddington for coffee. Map

Thursday 6am – La Perouse via Anzac Parade and Malabar, 30km

2 Bunches: Fast bunch av 35km/h with a pace line forming on the way back at 40-50km/h. Map

Friday 6am – The 3 Beaches, 25km (Bondi,Tamarama and Bronte)

Head to Bondi beach, go up Military Road then back along Campbell Parade heading towards Tamarama Beach. From there it’s onwards and upwards to Bronte. Usually two bunches. Map

Saturday 6.30am – La Perouse ride. 45km

Three bunches leave the park rolling easily until Port Botany. The first two bunches pick up the pace at La Perouse for the run home via the hills around Maroubra Beach with a paceline developing along Anzac Parade. The third bunch does the same route at a slightly slower pace with an emphasis on bunch riding. Back in the park for coffee at 8.30am. Map

Saturday 6.30am – Reverse Watson’s ride – 60km

Three bunches leave the park, heading towards Rose Bay and onto Watson’s Bay. Hugging the coast and getting in some tough pinches the ride heads south to La Perouse. Return is via the Maroubra Hills. Average 25 – 30km/h. Map

Sunday 6.30am – Waterfall ride. 90km

Three bunches leave the park to Waterfall, medium to hard ride, out at 28-35km with some riders turning round at Sutherland (60km). At Waterfall smaller groups sometimes go on to Stanwell Tops (120km) or back through the Royal National Park (110km). The main bunch U-turns at Waterfall, pacelines back to Sutherland, collects the stragglers, then a fast ride back to the park for breakfast. Waterfall rides finish back in the park for breakfast at approximately 9.30am. Map

Or second Sunday of each month – Akuna Bay (North). Approximately 100km

One or two different paced bunches head north to Akuna Bay via Wakehurst Parkway and Church Point. Those wanting to miss the hills and take it a bit easier skip the Akuna Bay turn off and regroup at the top of McCarrs Creek Road. The ride returns to the Park via Forrest Way and the Spit. Back at the park by 10:30am for brunch.


The Sydney Cycling Club does not take responsibility for the conduct or safety of the training rides detailed on this programme. Training can be dangerous and you do so at your own risk.