Intro ride registration

Interested in getting into road cycling but not sure where to start? Are large bunch rides daunting and you are not sure if you would cope? Our introductory bunch skills ride, free to new members and those thinking about joining the club, is geared towards road riders, who have had little or no bunch experience.

I am a very experienced rider do I need to do this when I join the club? Unless you have been racing for a previous club, yes! There are many strong riders out there that have bad habits that we seek to iron out. Another reason is that some of our signals and the way we roll over is different to other clubs.

What kind of cyclist are you catering for? We are especially catering for those who are currently riding a road bike but have only ridden by themselves. Roadies who have only ridden with groups of friends, mountain bikers who are getting into road riding and those roadies who need a bit more confidence.

How do I register for it? Please email Troy Plummer to register and please give him the details of your experience. As this ride is held only once a month on the first Saturday please do so asap as the ride fills quickly.

Who takes these rides? Troy Plummer

Where do we meet? All SCC rides start from the ‘The Centre of the Park’, the area near the coffee cart, tables and chairs on Parkes Drive, Centennial Park.

When are these rides? They are held on the first Saturday of the month at 6.30am

What do I have to bring? Yourself, your bike, water bottle, a snack, tool kit and spare tube. If its in winter lights and warm clothes like thermal, arm warmers, leg warmers and wind vest.

What kind of bike do I need to have? A road bike with drop handlebars, not flat bars. Everyone in the club rides with clipless pedals. You can do the ride without these, but be prepared to buy them and learn how to use them

Where do we go? We ride to the beginner’s bike track then we leave the park and ride the club’s Saturday route towards Botany. However we divert from that to arrive at Heffron Park Maroubra. We return the same way.

What do we do? We will do some bunch riding skills at the beginners bike track, ride to Heffron Park riding in a bunch. At Heffron we review the 2K circuit and then learn how to rollover and practice a lap doing that. We return to Centennial Park in the bunch, rolling over every minute or so.

Where do we end up? At the caravan in the middle of the park

What time does it finish? About 8.30am

What kind of fitness do I need to have? We encourage you to test yourself by doing at least 7 laps on your own of Grand Drive in an hour

How skilled do I have to be? You are expected to be competent on your road bike and if you have clipless pedals that you can use them easily.

Do I have to join the club after? No, but you won’t be allowed to join our bunches if you don’t

I feel I’m not up to the standard required.  Can you recommend a coach to work towards that? Yes the coaches listed are qualified coaches within the club: