Join Sydney cycling club

Sydney Cycling Club (SCC) welcomes potential new members.

Please note that SCC is a bicycle road racing club.  We ride road racing bikes, with drop handlebars, clipless pedals etc.  Riders in our bunches need to be able to go at a reasonable speed, for example at least 28kph, and sustain that for at least 1 hour.  This can be checked by doing at least 7 laps of Centennial Park in 1 hour on your own.

We  ask that you do the following:

    1. Please register for the introductory bunch skills ride. If you have never ridden in a bunch before we suggest you wait until the next  intro ride before riding with the club.
    2. Complete and return the terms and conditions form (or hand it up before a ride),
    3. At the beginning of a ride, introduce yourself to the bunch captain; and
    4. Then ride down the back of the bunch.

That way we can make sure you don’t get lost and stay safe, and gets the idea as to how our bunches operate.

However, after riding with us for 2 weeks, we request that you join as a member if you wish to continue riding with us.

Please note that cycling has obvious dangers – accidents can happen at any time, at any place to any rider.   Please see other examples of danger in cl. 2.1 of the terms and conditions form.

We don’t allow bikes with aero or tri bars in our bunches.

Please ensure that you read the Bunch Etiquette Guide– it’s a good introduction to how we do our bunch rides.

The centre of the park (click to enlarge map)

Club Rides

Most days (especially in summer and weekends) there are a number of bunches with varying capacities.  It’s always difficult to determine an appropriate speed -We recommend that you try a “slower” bunch first, and if appropriate move upward.

All SCC rides start from ‘The Centre of the Park’, the area near the coffee cart, tables and chairs (see map) in Centennial Park. We start PROMPTLY at 6.00am on weekdays, and 6.30am on weekends

Weekend rides are as follows:

    • Sat 0630hrs       La Perouse  (back by 0830hrs) which is approx 55kms
    • Sun 0630hrs      Sutherland/Waterfall (back by 0830/0930hrs) which is approx 60/90kms

Our week day rides are:

    • Tues 0600hrs     La Perouse  (back in Centennial Park by about 0715hrs)
    • Wed  0600hrs    Watsons Bay via Bondi (back by about 0715hrs)
    • Thurs 0600hrs    La Perouse  (back by about 0715hrs)
    • Fri 0600hrs        Three Beaches – Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte  (back by about 0715hrs)

We also do a regular ride to Akuna Bay once a month.  Other SCC groups may ride other routes which will be announced in the weekly email newsletter.  There are also day tours and weekend tours, and a racing calendar.

All Sydney bunches stop for mechanicals and regroup at the top of climbs.


If you just wish to ride only on club rides then go for a Cycling for All licence which is valid for 12 months from the date you join. If you wish to race Opens and against other members of other clubs you will need a racing licence which will expire at the end of December 2014.


  • For information about joining the club please email the club secretary.