About the Club

Sydney Cycling Club was formed in 1978. Recreational cycling was booming and Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club member Don Beavis set out to build a new club folding in sport and recreation aspects; day/weekend tours and socializing; with the various cycle racing disciplines. In good Australian tradition, a barbeque was hosted for riding friends to discuss the idea and the club was born.

With riders sometimes racing overseas, it was decided that the name Sydney would be identifiable anywhere. Today’s club jersey still features the original red, white and blue colours, now in a modified design with ocean waves and Sydney’s famous Opera House. Early club meetings were held at the [now defunct] Sydney Bicycle and Motor Club.

In 1979, the Sydney Cycling Club organised a criterium race in Sydney’s historic Rocks district to coincide with both the centenary of the Bicycle and Motor Club and the Festival of Sydney, the annual multicultural celebrations. Don and Botany Club members then [by illegally pulling down a few fences] opened up an better criterium venue in Maroubra’s Heffron Park, then a disused migrant hostel centre and now an Eastern suburbs racing institution.

As members grew, some riders competed in open races, while our touring and social activities set us apart from other metropolitan clubs only interested in hard-core racing.

Today we are one of the largest and arguably the most friendly club in Sydney, providing training rides six mornings per week, regular tours, frequent time trials and supporting club/open racing for riders willing and able to go the distance. Of about 450 members, aged from 21-75+, the majority are between 30-50.


Frequently asked questions about the Club

How do I join?

The Sydney Cycling Club welcomes road cyclists with racing and bunch experience, and a limited number of newer or novice riders as members each year. Unfortunately we have to limit novice or less experienced riders in the bunch to maintain bunch safety. Any cyclist seeking to join the Sydney Cycling Club must complete the membership application forms below and return them to the Club Secretary. If you would like to come out for a ride before committing any money you are more than welcome. After all you want to be sure that the Sydney Cycling Club has on offer what you would like from a cycling club. Email the Club Secretary and he will inform you of the steps required. Post completed forms to Club Secretary, Sydney Cycling Club, PO Box 344 Kensington, NSW, 1465

How much does it cost to join?

The cost of joining the Sydney Cycling Club includes the cost of affiliation with Cycling NSW – the body that controls road and track racing in NSW. The cost for 2008 varies from $175.00 for Non-competitive affiliation to $295.00 for Full Racing affiliation, and varies with age. All memberships run from 1st January – 31st December in line with CNSW regardless of when one joins. A discounted 6-month membership is available for the period July-December for Full Racing affiliation.

Is there free coaching?

Members are often willing to share their hard earned experience, but most accredited cycling coaches do it for a living, and charge for their time. However, we do hold regular skills training sessions. Cycling NSW can give you the names of accredited cycling coaches.

Do I need insurance to ride with the SCC?

Every cyclist on the road should have insurance cover – accidents are common and can be very serious. Anyone riding with the Sydney Cycling Club does so at their own risk and must sign a safety waiver to that effect before joining the bunch. Limited insurance cover comes with Cycling Australia affiliation. For information on cover provided see Cycling NSW.

For information about optional personal accident and/or bicycle insurance, contact Bicycle NSW.

Can mountain bike/recumbent/tandem riders race/ride with the club?

Sorry, but we are a road racing club – for safety reasons our club events and tours are for current members of the Sydney Cycling Club, and for road bikes only.

 Can non-members join Sydney Cycling Club rides?

Our rides are for members and prospective members only. People thinking of joining can ride with the club after they have signed a mandatory Liability Waiver, filled in a questionnaire and been assessed for bunch safety. Overseas riders with a UCI license are welcome to join the bunch while visiting Sydney once they have completed and returned the Liability Waiver form available from the Club Secretary.

Can I race with the Sydney Cycling Club when I visit Sydney?

Our events are for members only, but some of our members race at Heffron Park Maroubra on Saturday afternoon with Randwick-Botany Cycling Club – for information on Open and Combine races try Cycling NSW. You will need a full racing license from Cycling Australia, or equivalent, or an international license.

Can I purchase some Sydney Cycling Club clothing / merchandise when I visit Sydney?

We sell our apparel to overseas cyclists, but only to Club members within Australia. Visit the Club Aparrel section of the website.